Proper Levels and Metering for Sound and Music

low angle view of lighting equipment on shelf

There are a lot of ways to measure the levels of sound in your music production. Meter scales vary widely, and there are many misconceptions about what are the correct levels. Here below is what I have found currently works best for me.

Last updated: 06-July-2018.

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Getting Authentic Piano Sound in a VST Plugin and DAW

music sheet on black piano

I started out playing piano, and I have come back to it often. I like the actual sound of a piano as the hammers hit the strings and it resonates through the wood and structure.

Here is my assessment of how to get a great piano sound in a vst or plugin instead of having the actual piano. I’ll compare it to popular music wherever possible as well.

I will update this periodically.
Last updated: 18-June-2018

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