I am a music producer.

The sounds of vintage electronic instruments and the interplay of chords and melodies keep me coming back to the studio every day and night, writing music that evokes a sense of retrospection and nostalgia using analog techniques and equipment. I freely share what I know with my fans and contemporaries in the music production community and firmly believe that we can all find our own unique ways through collaboration and by building on each other’s work.


(You can find my music on Bandcamp at https://larslentz.bandcamp.com/ or on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/4iZntCQnlaxYqBmkX9MPET)

PS: if you want to know more of my story, I’ll tell you. Read on.

My fans connect with me because they like analog electronica and ambient music and they like that I am open and show them whatever it is they want to know. I give freely.

I want my fans to connect with my music and images in the photos and videos I make in addition to the music files.

I’ve been taking photos and making music for years, but I just didn’t know exactly why. I mean, I knew I loved it and liked what I made. I was doing it all for myself and that felt selfish. Now I do it for me and you. I like to help out my friends, and I feel like fans are friends.

I played piano at my grandparents house and I really liked the sound of it. I took piano lessons, but it was more of the sound that got me going and less of the reading and playing of music.

I took photos with an old Zeiss Ikon Contaflex camera that my Uncle Hal had given me. It was film, and it really taught me how to frame shots and get good photos the first time, because film was expensive to me and processing it took time. Weeks. I had to get good if I wanted to enjoy it.

I was a master marksman in 4H gun safety. I shot well. So well I earned the NRA Distinguished award and a lot of shooting competition awards. State titles. I realize now that this is one of the skills that has helped me get photos that others can’t – I have to be absolutely still to shoot a target, and I need that same stillness to push my camera to its limits without blurring images. As a result I’ve been able to take photos that others can’t.