Psychic Modulation’s Phonec Synth (vst) Presets: “Boards” – Free Presets

Psychic Modulation has made a synthesizer that combines that “lo-fi” sound with vintage tape and synth type of processing, for a synth that sounds remarkably similar to artists such as Boards of Canada and others of that type.

It comes as a low-cost vst file type of plugin that works in your DAW (digital audio workstation). I use it in FL Studio.

Simple to use and fun to adjust, Phonec2 shatters the learning curve usually associated with many soft synths out there today. I like it in my music because it gives me the sounds I need that fit my genre.

I have made my sound bank of presets for Phonec version 2 available to everyone that owns Phonec2.

Audio file preview of all the presets.

Below is a video can play to hear all of the sounds included in my sound bank “Boards” along with the names of each displayed while listening to them:

You must own Phonec2 in order for my sound bank to work for you. You can get Phonec2 at Psychic Modulation’s website:

You can also add other effects in addition to using Phonec2 to get an even more authentic Boards of Canada type of sound. See the video below:

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