Jerky Rendered Video from ZGameeditor?

Here are some things to try if you are experiencing jerky video renders from ZGameeditor in FL Studio.

Last updated: 31-December-2021

I can’t say I’ve solved it, but here are some things I’ve tried:

Make sure the “frames per second” (fps) numbers in two places match each other:

  1. Prior to export, make sure the main window of ZGE has the frame rate you want on the right side under “Max frame rate.” In the image below it is 30 fps.
  2. Hit the export video button and then the “Advanced export settings” dropdown. Make sure that has the same frame rate as in the main window.

This should prevent a lot of jerky video issues you may encounter.

Make sure the fps numbers that are circled in red in the images below match each other or that the max frame rate number is higher:

Another thing that can be a problem is for longer videos is where the video gets jerky after some time of playing. To combat this problem, try upping the video bitrate. I changed to 18 Mbps instead of 13 in the above image, and I now have a less jerky video output.

Also, your video renders will look much better if you click the 2x supersample radio button. It will take twice as long to render the video, however.

Get out of FL Studio completely before trying to watch a rendered video. I’ve found this works best and you will see less lag time on your videos if you do this.