Sample Pack – Sound Library: Fundamentals – Free on Bandcamp

Using the synth “Fundamental” from SonicLab, I made several interesting sounds that producers of music might find interesting to use in their own compositions.

These are free to download and use – royalty-free.

You can download and preview them below or by using the link to my Bandcamp page (click here).

Sound Library: Fundamentals is a set of sounds that music producers can use in their compositions.

Each has a Creative Commons Attribution license
See full license here:

Included are 39 tracks:

1 – 37 was each produced using various settings of sonicLAB’s Fundamental routed into 2CAudio’s Aether using preset Creativity Exp 04 Spiritual Rank and File. Tracks were live-recorded to Edison in FL Studio, then saved as 24-bit WAV files before being uploaded.

38 was recorded through my car speakers using a Tascam DR-05 and a binaural headset from Sound Professionals. This is the sound I hear daily after I unplug my aux cable.

39 was recorded in my garden at night, using a Tascam DR-05 and binaural ears from Sound Professionals. A Garden At Night is a more extended recording that contains many unusual sounds.


released August 9, 2020