TAL Sampler Presets with a Boards of Canada Sound – Free Presets

I have been building presets for TAL Sampler for awhile and thought I would share some of them that I particularly like. These have a sound that reminds me of Boards of Canada. I even named a few with telling names based on Boards of Canada tracks and titles.

They are free for you to use in your commercial works. Yes. Free. (Not that you would, but please don’t resell them or anything crazy like that.) You can download them in one Zip file (see below).

You will definitely need TAL Sampler to use them. Below you can see what version I know they work with. I run Windows and FL Studio. I don’t know how they work with other operating systems or DAWs. They could work just fine, but I don’t know.

How I Made Them

The samples are not from actual songs of any kind, so you should never get in trouble with the law for using these presets in your finished, commercial works. I sampled royalty-free, attribution-free sound files and synth presets I made in various soft synths, royalty-free sound effects, and public domain sounds. I mangled them in tape, distortion, and bit crushing also.

From these sounds, I further customized most of them by using effects (tape, distortion, equalization, saturation, sampler-emulation) before recording them to a usable state.

Items of Note

In TAL Sampler, I used my own techniques. Of particular note are these items:

  • I included my “Init” preset where I started most of these presets, so you can see where I started and get some hints maybe on how I made some of the sounds. From here you can see some items of note:
    • The Init preset I put in here is nothing like the Init preset that comes standard with TAL Sampler.
    • The Mod Matrix that shows some of the routings I used. In particular, the LFO routings to the pitches of the samples in A and B channels. These are the “Fine” knobs in the channels (or “Fine Tune” in the Mod Matrix), and this causes a slight wobbling to the pitch of each.
    • Click on the “Control” button at the top between the “Embed Audio” and “Load” buttons. This will show the control panel where I have adjusted the individual voices, 1-12, from their usual initial positions of centered. This is important for the sound as it causes each voice to be slightly different like a real analog synth would be.
    • The Resampler that is set to be just right for a nice old sampler sound reminiscent of the Boards of Canada sampling.
  • I converted all of the Wave file samples used to Talwav format. It made them a bit smaller but also keeps them confined to TAL Sampler usage.
  • I tried to keep the actual synth sounds on layers A and B, while putting the noise into layers C and D. You may find that you don’t like the noise and can then turn them off by turning off layers C and D.
  • I don’t think I used the Control section in the bottom center with the four knobs. I was not going for performance or complex routing presets. You may want to experiment with routing to these if you plan on using the presets differently.

What Is Included

The presets all come in a Zip file that I zipped using 7zip software. If you have trouble unzipping them, use the free 7zip software to do it.

The contents of the Zip file need to be moved to your TAL Sampler preset folder. I assume you know where to find that and can make a separate folder there for these.

In the Zip file are four types of files:

  • Talwav sample sound files without a root note.
  • Talwav sample sound files with a root note (C3, A2, etc. in the title).
  • Talsmpl preset files.
  • MP3 files of sound effects.

Please use the latest version of TAL Sampler. I am using version 3.2.7 in Windows.

Preview of the Presets – “Tape 1”

I called this set of presets “Tape 1” for whatever reason. (Possibly I will make a Tape 2 in the future?)

I made a video preview where I go through each preset in “Tape 1” and play a few notes from each. In the video below you can see the name of each preset as TAL Sampler displays it in the central window and you can listen to my random playing to get an idea of the way they sound.

Preset Zip File Download

Download the file and save it to your presets folder for TAL Sampler. It is kind of big (a half Gig) so it may take some time depending on your connection.

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