Spitfire Audio’s Gwylim Simcock Felt Piano Microphones

There’s not a manual with the Gwylim Simcock Felt Piano by Spitfire Audio, so here are my notes about the microphones used to record this wonderful piano. This piano is excellent and I highly recommend it.


Microphones recorded the sound with Neve pre-amps and Cranesong AD converters at 96k. In the interface, the microphones can be involved more or less by sliders with letters beneath them. Here are what those letters mean:

C = Close cardioid microphones.

R = Room microphone. Surround. Omnis.

Ak = AKG stereo pair of condenser microphones. Close and wide.

Co = Coles, old-fashioned, very soft, ribbon microphones. Close. Great characteristics.

SB = Soundboard microphone. Mono. Ribbon.

Pdl = Pedal microphone. Mono.

(The Soft Piano (free) by Spitfire Audio used Schoeps Mk4 cardioid microphones overhead.)

This walkthrough from Spitfire Audio also explains the microphones.