Glitchmachine Plugins and How to Use Them

Glitchmachines makes some fantastic plugins for making music. Their plugins are generators and effects or combinations of each. They are packed full of features and are intimidatingly complex while being simple to use. I find that I experiment for hours with them.

I am trying to learn how to use them effectively in my music process and will be updating this post as I progress.

Last updated: 06-March-2019

I would separate them into two groups and really simplify the explanation of each as follows:

  1.  Generators
    1. Palindrome – granular synthesis (takes 4 samplers and granularly synthesizes an output using a plotter of sorts).  PALINDROME_User_Guide
      1. Primarily a sampler.
    2. Polygon – composite sampler (mixes samples together in a variety of ways). POLYGON_User_Guide
      1. Primarily a sampler.
    3. Cataract – segment multiplexer (chops up samples and recombines them). CATARACT_User_Guide
      1. Think of this as a complex beat-maker using samples as sources.
      2. Use this plugin as an overlay to a drum track to make a more interesting beat over or under an existing drumbeat. Note that you have to engage your DAW’s transport (play) in order for this plugin to work.
    4. Quadrant – see description below in the effects section.
  2. Effects
    1. Quadrant – can generate tones, but is also used as an effect (2 FM oscillators with grain delays). Can be used as an effect or a generator, but is generally put in an effect channel. It has 36 different modules and below is described only a few of them. QUADRANT_User_Guide
      1. Use as an effect to modify a signal coming into it. It is an effects processor that includes
        1. Grain Delay
        2. Filters
        3. Mixers
        4. Scalers
        5. LFOs
        6. Randomizers
        7. Dividers
      2. Use it as a generator as an instrument all on its own. It is a sound generator and can make some strange sounds.
        1. FM Oscillators
        2. Noise Generators
        3. Step Sequencer
    2. Cryogen – glitch and mutation maker (buffers with filters and crushers). CRYOGEN_User_Guide
      1. This is a group of effects combined in one interface. It has buffer effects (looping tools that store a signal for a predetermined period of time and then release it), filters, bit-crushers, and modulation.
    3. Subvert – distortion (3 channels of distortion modulated with LFO and equalization). SUBVERT_User_Guide
      1. This is a complex distortion effect. Think of guitar distortion to another level. Use it on any instrument where distortion is desired.
    4. FXT (FractureXT, Fracture) – glitch and mutation maker (with grains in XT version). FXT_User_Guide
    5. Convex – glitched delays (multi-filter, pitch, and delays combined). CONVEX_User_Guide
      1. Good factory presets for piano/synth include
        1. Intermittent Cascade
        2. LoFi Tape
        3. Organic Ornament
    6. Hysteresis – glitched delays (stutter, filters, and delays combined). HYSTERESIS_User_Guide

Maybe an oversimplification here, but the best way to use these that I have found is to put them on instrument tracks and experiment. The generators I put as instruments, and the effects I put into an instrument’s effect chain.