Fracture Sounds Woodchester Piano Presets (Kontakt Snapshots only)

Fracture Sounds makes an outstanding Kontakt instrument called Woodchester Piano for NI Kontakt.

Listen to it here:

These below are presets, or as Kontakt calls them, “snapshots” that are various settings of the Kontakt instrument. These are NKSN (.nksn) files that need to be placed in your Kontakt snapshots folder for the Woodchester piano.

You must own the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt and also must own the Fracture Sounds Woodchester Piano Kontakt library/instrument in order to use these Kontakt Snapshots.

I have used many piano vst plugin instruments and have a page dedicated to that: Getting Authentic Piano Sound in a VST Plugin and DAW

The Woodchester Piano is available from Fracture Sounds here:

Kontakt is available from Native Instruments:


See below the descriptions of the presets (nksn files) for Kontakt and the Woodchester Piano.

Aching Clouds

This preset utilizes the clouds and ache layers to give both a granular and reverse effect.


As the name says, this is a bright-sounding preset that is both a bit shrill and at the same time deliciously airy.


This one has a long-tailed spacey feeling to it. All of the layers are on and they are all working together to achieve a cosmic-like feel.

Felted Piano

Truly a gorgeous sound of soft felt. Buttery smooth in its reverberations and sustains. This one is a favorite of many.

High Street Lead

This is the lead piano I developed for a composition. The lead has a bit stronger tone. There is also a non-lead version.

High Street

The non-lead version of a beautiful upright. The tails linger longer in this one and you can hear them curling back on themselves. Truly a classic beauty.


This is my preset/snapshot that I use to reset myself in my work. If I get the controls too wildly out of shape, I can always come back to my base instrument by choosing this one.