U-he Satin Presets for Tape Delay Effects

Tape delay is a great way to get chorus and reverb effects and U-he Satin is a great tape machine emulation. Here are some presets to achieve great tape delay effects.

Using the delay section of U-he Satin, I made some presets that simulate vintage and modern styles of tape delay.

LL Ambience preset gives a lush evolving soundscape to any sound that is played. Try it on synths for some ambient heaven.

LL Basic Chorus is a tape chorus to put on instruments. The LL Flat Chorus is just a less pronounced version while the LL Wider Chorus is, you guessed it, a wider-sounding version.

The LL Shimmering Chorus adds a bit of shimmer to the chorus effect and sounds nice and vintage-like on synths.

Speaking of vintage, the LL Vintage Chorus gives that nice Boards of Canada style effect to any modern synth. Age your synth sounds instantly with this one.

Nice old-style reverb can be had with the LL Vintage Tape Reverb where the room size can be adjusted with the tape speed.

The LL Space Echo attempts to recreate the sound of the Roland Space Echo vintage tape machine. The LL Sweetener Reverb is based on the Space Echo and adds a sweetening bit of reverb to the sound.

The LL Juno Chorus I recreates the sound of the chorus I on the Juno 60.

Enjoy these and experiment!

U-he Satin is an excellent plugin for simulating tape and you can find it on the U-he website.

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