U-he Satin Preset for Simulating VHS Tape

VHS tape is a sound that groups like Boards of Canada have been compared with. It is that glitchy, old tape sound with plenty of dropouts and fluctuations.

The U-he Satin plugin does not come with a preset for this, but it can be somewhat replicated by choosing a slow tape speed. I’ve made a preset for it and you can download it. Here is what I did to replicate it and how I use it.

I slowed down the tape speed to the lowest setting. Then I upped the hiss noise knob.

I put this instance of Satin on the synths bus because sometimes I like to have my synths sound like they came from tape recordings.

You can download the VHS preset for U-he Satin here –> https://gum.co/lrUbs

I use a different instance of Satin on the master bus to give HX Pro type of tape effect. There is another preset for HX Pro type of tape effect described here [click].

U-he Satin is an excellent plugin for simulating tape and you can find it on the U-he website.


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