Synth VST Plugins That Sound Like Boards of Canada

Here below is a selection of synth plugins that I have found have that nostalgic, lo-fi, vintage sound epitomized by Boards of Canada and others.

Last updated: 01-Mar-2018.

Vintage-Sounding Synths

  1. Sonic Charge Synplant – This synth has a unique interface and a unique way of creating and “growing” sounds. Once able to navigate the DNA of the plants, it is possible and quite easy to get a nice vintage sound out of this synth. “Organic” almost describes the sounds this synth plugin puts out and it is definitely reminiscent of vintage synthesis.
  2. U-He Diva – This is an analog synth in a plugin. It hogs memory for sure but produces some of the sweetest analog sounds possible. It is nearly indistinguishable from real vintage synthesizers. One can easily experiment and get that “BoC sound.” It can mimic the sounds of Moog’s Minimoog, Roland’s Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8, Alpha Juno and Juno 60, and Korg’s MS20.
  3. Psychic Modulation Phonec2 – A low-cost synth plugin that really packs a big punch. It lacks a bit in depth of sound and won’t give that richness that a Diva or Synplant will, but wow does it capture that lo-fi sound. It replicates the Boards of Canada sound almost exactly in some cases. At such a low cost and with a big impact, it is worth experimenting with.
  4. Xfer Serum – It may seem strange to see Serum on a list purporting to replicate Boards of Canada sounds, but this versatile synth plugin can really replicate it. While not typically thought of as a vintage synth, with a wavetable input section and a noise generator that can load up any sound file, this synth can sound vintage along with the best of them. It is possible to add LFOs to many parameters and to add effects as well to get that “VHS-like” sound. It replicates the vintage sounds to a tee and works better on duplicating some Boards of Canada lead parts such as “Roygbiv” that any other synth out there in my opinion.
  5. Lennar Digital Synlenth1 – This synth has a warm analog soul to it that gives it a convincing “old sound” perfectly suited for sounding like vintage equipment. Unlike Serum, it is not a stretch to call this synth analog. In fact, it reproduces analog sounds very well and sounds remarkably crisp in its delivery. Depth and warmth are strong points in this synth plugin and it does not disappoint in its versatility as well. It can be used not only for vintage sounds but for modern ones as well and although not a wavetable input type of synth, with some fiddling the controls can replicate that Boards of Canada sound.
  6. Kontakt Instrument Retcon by Audiowarp – This sampler instrument sound nearly exactly like BoC keyboards.
  7. Kontakt Instrument Gas by Audiowarp – This instrument sounds a lot like the guitars of Boards of Canada.
  8. Kontakt Instrument Headphase by AudioReward – This sampler instrument combines elements to make a near-BoC sound.

I am sure there are other synths out there that give that Boards of Canada type of sound, but I haven’t found them just yet.

But, if you really want the Boards of Canada sound, use the synths that they actually used – or use vst emulations of those synths. Then process them like they may have. I have a whole deconstruction going on in this article here:

Here below are videos of vintage sounds you can get from the synth vsts listed below.

Truly Vintage Synths and VST Plugins

  1. Roland SH-101 – Get the TAL Bassline 101 synth vst plugin (the paid one – not the free one). This synth is the bass synth to have. It can be made to have exactly the Boards of Canada sound. I’ve made the bass and lead for Roygbiv and they are dead on. See my other page (referenced above) for more.
  2. Roland Juno 60 – The Juno 6 is almost the same as the 60, but get the 60 if you can. Do not get the Juno 106 unless you have to – it has a weaker sound than the 6 and 60. Get the TAL U-NO-LX synth vst plugin (the paid one – not the free one). The Jupiter 60 sound is in most of the Boards of Canada’s works somewhere. It is the next best to having the SH-101.
  3. Samplers – Various samplers were used by Boards of Canada. Mostly Akai models. That does not matter as much as the sound you get from sampling.
    1. Replicate this sound on any synth vst by using Vinyl Strip by Audiothing or RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio. The Vinyl strip is easier on your CPU.
    2. Replicate any vintage synth sounds by using the SH-101-based TAL Sampler vst plugin (the paid version) and having the correct input of sampled sounds. The base oscillator for the TAL Sampler is the SH-101, so even at its core, it sounds like Boards of Canada. But get it some samples to play, and you can run the built-in sampler that imparts the sampled sound to it. Now you are even closer or dead on to the Boards of Canada sound. They used samplers and this thing can replicate that.
  4. Yamaha CS-70m – The CS-70m had a different sound than the CS-80. Boards of Canada may have used the CS-70m. It may have been their “secret weapon.” It is worth having and the easiest way to get this sound in a vst plugin is the Kx-PolyM-CSE. It is free.
  5. Yamaha CS-80 – The CS-80 is iconic for the Vangelis and Blade Runner Soundtrack sounds. The synth itself was so costly that it is not believed that Boards of Canada used it. However, a good emulation of it is the ME-80 vst plugin by Memory Moon. In Kontakt instruments, the Esper Noir by UnEarthed Sampling has an excellent sound.
  6. Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 – This iconic synth was known for its string sounds. The later versions (6 and 600) were not as well-liked as the original 5. While Boards of Canada may not have used this synth, it is still an iconic sound from their era of musical rendering. A great vst plugin for this synth is the Memory Moon Messiah. In Kontakt instruments, I have found a Prophet 600 emulation via the Autodafe Prophet 600. Also, the U-he Repro is a vst that simulates the Prophet. U-he products are very good.
  7. Moog Memorymoog – The Moog sound is undeniable and this was their last synth made back in 1982 before the company went bankrupt. This synth is like having 6 Minimoogs in one so get this one if you can instead of the Minimoog. Memory Moon makes a great emulation in a vst plugin called Memorymoon.
  8. Crumar Trilogy – A Crumar synth was rumored to be one that Boards of Canada used. It was probably not the Trilogy, but this synth has the essence of the Crumar sound. It does sound a lot like some Boards of Canada sounds. I have not found a vst plugin but in Kontakt, the instrument The Sounds of the Trilogy by Synth Magic is a great representation of the Trilogy.
  9. Roland Jupiter 8 – Unique sounds come from this synthesizer. It was not known to be used by Boards of Canada, but it is worth trying out just for the sounds it produces. Jupiter 6 is good as well. A good implementation of a Jupiter in a Kontakt instrument is the Mini-Jupe by Rhythmic Robot.