U-he Satin Preset for Simulating Dolby HX Pro

Dolby HX Pro Headroom Expansion was a method used in tape recordings in the 80’s to give an improved signal-to-noise ratio. As a result, the recordings were much more powerful-sounding with clarity and presence as well as low-end strength. It did this by introducing a bias signal at the high frequency to push the recording out of the inherent non-linearities of tape.

I had one of the tape decks that could record in HX Pro and it made every recording just shine. I wanted to achieve this with today’s vst plugins and I believe I finally have with the U-he Satin tape simulating plugin.

Satin is an incredibly versatile product with many settings to emulate vintage tape decks. To get the HX Pro sound, I had to be a bit creative with the settings.

Instead of going into detail about it here, I thought I would let you get the preset I made to see for yourself.

U-he Satin is an excellent plugin for simulating tape and you can find it on the U-he website.