Creating the Xfer Records Dimension Expander in FL Studio

Xfer Records Dimension Expander is a free vst plugin effect that makes any synth or instrument sound much “wider.” This means more presence and stereo effect.

I wanted to create this in FL Studio using the stock plugins, so first I had to understand what the Dimension Expander plugin was doing. It seems to be modeled on an old trick where the incoming signal is split and the split-half is phase inverted and then fed back into the main signal that is not. Then there is some delay added. This is what powered the Roland Dimension D, a piece of hardware from the 80’s.

Fortunately, you can get something that sounds quite similar, and maybe even better, from FL Studio. I used the Fruity Stereo Shaper plugin.

Here are my settings (sliders left to right and knobs top to bottom in the picture above):

  • Right Into Left Channel Volume: -INFdB, 0.00
  • Left Channel Volume: 0db, 1.00
  • Left into Right Channel Volume: -INFdB, 0.00
  • Right Channel Volume: 0dB, 1.00
  • Left/Right Delay: 50ms Left
  • Left/Right Dephasing: 50% Right

I also have a “lite” version where these are changed and can be thought of as the equivalent of changing the wet/dry mix:

  • Left/Right Delay: 5ms Left
  • Left/Right Dephasing: 30% Right

Experimentation is key. See what works for you. I have found these various settings of Fruity Stereo Shaper work quite well to simulate the Dimension Expander of Xfer Records.