Sonic Charge’s Synplant Synth (vst) Presets: “Artificials”

Sonic Charge’s Synplant soft synth plugin is remarkably versatile in the number of sounds it can create as well as the unusual way they can be created. Sounds are grown like plants right on the screen and if that is not weird enough, you can go in and modify the DNA of the plants as well!

It comes as a vst file type of plugin that works in your DAW (digital audio workstation). I use it in FL Studio.

It is extremely addicting to “grow” different sounds right in front of your eyes and I’ve spent hours noodling around with it.

At last, though, I have come up with some unique sounds from it that I’ve bundled into a set of presets. I call them “Artificial” because they have an industrial (although organic) type of sound to them. Machine noises to Star Wars blaster sounds are contained in this set.  They are available here:

Below is a preview video on YouTube of all of the sounds included in my sound bank “Artificials”:

You must own Synplant in order for my presets to work for you. You can get Synplant at Sonic Charge’s web site: